Peter A. Schmid graduated in biology (1983) and medicine (1989) at University of Zurich. During this time studied also saxophone and theory at Jazzschool Lucerne (with Urs Leimgruber a.o.)

Musically active for over 35 years in various groups blurring the boundaries between jazz, improvised music and modern classic music. In (almost) every formation, own compositions and concepts with plenty of room for structured or free improvisation are used. A melting and fusing of composed and improvised parts is a central concern.

Over the past decade, duos and trios ( beside wind ensembles - have become favorite formations. They allow a very direct and personal communication between two or three independent musicians, and furthermore, it usually means regular collaboration poses not too many organizational problems)

An important field is music in special architectonical and acoustic buildings. Concerts and recordings took place in an empty water cistern in Zürich (with Vollmond, September Winds and in duo with Evan Parker and Matthias Ziegler). 2002 and 2004 concerts with September Winds in the thermes of Vals and in churches and museums. 2003 duo concert with Evan Parker at the Yerebatan cisterns in Istanbul.

«I am very fascinated be the low wind instruments. Beside bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, bassax and bass flute I play often subcontrabassflute (built by Jelle Hogenhuis), contrabass clarinet and tubax in Eb and Bb (newly designed contrabass and subcontrabass saxophones built by German B.Eppelsheim). Most of these instruments appear on my solo CD «Windscapes» (2003), on a master class CD for the Saxophone Journal (october 2005) and on my new 2-CD «waterloo(p), saitenwind & other soundclips» (2011) including compositions that where recorded with overdubs».

«Over the last decades I travelled often as a nature scientist with great interest in photography. All these pictures and visual impressions had and still have a strong influence on my music and vice versa. The project «Soundclips» therefore is a logical consequence of these passions and brings together new (and some older) compositions with corresponding photo series».

In his other profession as MD with specialisation in Gastroenterology & Hepatology he works together with Dr.P.Bänninger, Dr.B.Hochreutener and Dr.I.Ulmer in a joint practice for stomach, intestine and liver diseases in Feldmeilen (near Zürich)