In 2003 a  concert series with 12 duos/trios took place in Uster ('homestories') - where I live with my family - with on one side musicians with whom I play duos since years and on the other side 'new' musicians who met for spontanous improvised concerts. These concert series went on with (less frequent) concerts until 2007. Unfortunately there's no piano at 'Turbinenhalle', therefore duos/trios with acoustic piano are not possible.

And perhaps somewhen new 'homestories' will be scheduled.

'homestories 2003'

Duo Concerts with: Roland Schiltknecht, Vinny Golia, René Krebs, Thomas K.J.Mejer, Jerry Rojas, Pierre Favre, Barry Guy, Mathias Ziegler
Trio Concerts with: Robi Rüdisüli & Philipp Zehnder, Nils Wogram & Lucas Niggli, Hans-Peter Künzle & Dominik Burger

'homestories 2004'

Duo Concerts with: Roland Schiltknecht, Markus Stauss, Jerry Rojas
Trio Concerts with: Priska Walss & Reto Senn, Harris Eisenstadt & Sara Schönbeck

'homestories 2005'

Trio Concert with Ned Rothenberg & Matthias Ziegler
PASchArtet (Christoph Sprenger, Dominik Burger, PAS) with: Vinny Golia, Marco Colonna

'homestories 2006/7'

Duo Concerts with: Jerry Rojas, Francois Dumont d'Ayot
Trio Concert with: Jerry Rojas & Ivan Manzanilla