Music in special architectonical and acoustic buildings or outdoor places is a very important and challenging part of my musical activity over the last three decades:

concerts and recordings took place in an empty water cistern ("Reservoir") in Zürich (with Vollmond, September Winds and in duo with Evan Parker and Matthias Ziegler)...

2002 and 2004 concerts with September Winds in the thermes of Vals and in churches and museums.
2003 duo concert with Evan Parker at the Yerebatan cisterns in Istanbul...

Reservoir Zürichberg
Vollmond-Trio with Jürg Grau and Phil Zehnder (1999)
Yerebatan Cisterns, Istanbul
outdoor tarogato playing at Segnesebene Flims

More information about these outdoor projects:

Klangspur Segnes

Klangort Prau Pulté