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CD 1: water- & windloops
Peter A.Schmid woodwinds


CD 2: saitenwind
Peter A.Schmid woodwinds
Duos & Trios with:  Roger Girod piano, 
Ivan Manzanilla percussion, Jerry Rojas e-guitar, 
David Sautter e-guitar, loops,
Roland Schiltknecht Swiss hammered dulcimer


Creative Works Records CW 1056 & 1057

Over the last decades I travelled often as a nature scientist with great interest in photography. All these pictures and visual impressions had and still have a strong influence on my music - and vice versa. 
The project «Soundclips» therefore is a logical consequence of these passions and brings together compositions with corresponding photo series.


CD 1 "water- and windloops": multi-track recordings on different woodwinds (a. o. subcontrabass flute, contrabass & bass clarinet, ethnic flutes, bass recorder).
The music was composed in an "evolutionary process" during 2009 and was strongly influenced by the corresponding photo series (most photos were taken during trips from 2008 to 2010).


CD 2 "saitenwind": older "zoological" compositions (and some new compositions) with new arrangements and instrumentation. Played in duo or trio with musicians I share a long personal and musical relationship: backwards to the future!
And with the compositions in mind I looked for the appropriate visuals... 


Booklet as PDF

Jazz'n'More 5/2011