Peter A.Schmid bass & A clarinet, contrabass, bass & C flute, alphorn, taragot

Philipp Zehnder  perkussion, toys, electronic gadgets

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It’s been 30 years since Philipp Zehnder and Peter A. Schmid laid down their first sounds in Hardstudio Winterthur with Moritz Wetter, released as the (vinyl) LP record „Soundscapes“.

Since then, they have continued to meet both privately and musically. Amongst other notable occasions, they marked the millenium with a concert series devised in an empty reservoir in Zurich (together with Jurg Grau,  who unfortunately died much too early), later releasing these atmospheric tracks as the CD „Full Moon“ (CWR 1033).  

Thirty years later, in April 2016, they achieved musical closure, meeting for several days in Gersau to record more music, extract fragments, loop and multitrack the sounds to create 7 new and unheard musical collages. These tracks – as well as the original recordings from 1986 -  are now available in the form of a limited edition CD.