40 X 40

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Reinhard Gagel  piano, accordeon      
Peter A. Schmid  bass & A clarinet

For years, Reinhard Gagel has been making pictures in a 40x40 cm format. In parallel to that work, the concert music project „40x40“ developed: forty spontaneous compositions of forty seconds each. The temporal framework forced a disciplined musical approach, consistently and persistently concentrating ideas and their development.Bass woodwind player Peter A. Schmid has also worked for many years as a photographer, favouring the same perfectly square format.

The two musicians have now been working together for more than 20 years. In this project, music and image are not brought together in the sense of a setting, but as glimpses of a parallel and mutually influencing artistic working method.

This limited-edition CD features 40x40 duets that originated in Berlin, alongside 4+4 photographs and visual works.

Forbidden Territory comprises photographic work in the 40x40 format about a piece of land in Hungary, which Reinhard Gagel has reimagined and reworked, overpainting the surfaces to create something alien and strange. Underwater Surfaces is a series of perfectly square pictures with close ups of underwater lifeforms, which Peter A. Schmid has captured in tropical waters around the globe.

Distribution: www.nurnichtnur.com